Trestles Pro Results

Trestles was an amazing event for us. We had two version playing head to head against each other in the overall points. V1.5 and v1.7 are our best predictors right now and they had a really tight result in Trestles.

This time, our human analysis lost against the two calculation versions. Our Specialist team was able to score only 455.76 points. v1.5 was the champion at this event with 463.98 only 2.62 points over v1.7. It means that the title race batle between the calculations continues really tight, even though those versions have really different strategies to choose picks

Lets check the best and worst possible teams for Trestles.

Best Trestles fantasy team possible

Third time in a row that Kelly appears here

Jordy Smith


Kelly Slater


Joel Parkinson


Filipe Toledo


Michel Bourez


Kolohe Andino


Tanner Gudauskas


Stuart Kennedy


Best team points: 790.36

v1.7: was able to choose 3 out of the 8 best picks. And those were: Kelly, Bourez and Tanner. There were several upsets in rd3 with surfers that we were predicting to score well.

Another point of analysis is that, because of the rd1 collision v1.7 was not able to choose Toledo (rd1 collision with Kelly). Both versions couldn't also choose Joel because of the rd1 collision with Mick. Even though it brings a better result in the overall, some events have better results disconsidering collision. We will keep an eye and try to predict when to avoid or keep the collision

v1.5: was able to choose 2 out of the 8 best picks. Those were: Toledo and Bourez

The reason the versions were so tight, even though v1.7 picked 3 of the best picks lays on the worst team analysis.

Worst Trestles fantasy team possible

Matt Wilkinson


Adriano de Souza


Sebastian Zietz


Adam Melling


Nat Young


Davey Cathels


Alejo Muniz


Keanu Asing


Worst Team Points: 179.16

v1.7: picked one surfer in the worst possible picks, Nat Young. That was another upset for our calculation, we didn't expect to see him amongst the worst Tier B picks

v1.5: picked no surfer amongst the worst possible picks. This is a trend for this version, during the last four events it just picked 1 of the 32 worst possible picks.

We are doing our best to improve, help us grow spreading the word :)

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