Rio Pro Results

The most unpredictable event so far

It was an incredible show at Rio with a very unpredictable ending. We had no Tier A passing to quaterfnals, so it was a tough battle of Tiers B and C. The unpredictability went beyond our calculations and we did 17 points less than what we expected doing 483.45 points out of 726.98 possible. The Fantasy Bot team lost for 26.04 to the specialist (509.49)

Lets check the best and worst possible teams for Rio Pro.

Best Rio Pro fantasy team possible

Italo Ferreira:


Caio Ibelli:


John John Florence:


Gabriel Medina:


Adriano de Souza:


Miguel Pupo:


Jack Freestone:


Dusty Payne:


Best team points: 726.98

We were able to predict 3 out of the 8 best surfers and we got the Champion of Rio Pro. The biggest problems was that other surfers picked by our calculation performed really bad. Surfers in the lower tiers surfed incredibly well on this event and it was just beyond our calculations. If you wanna share your thoughts with us and give us feedback tell us on twitter.

Worst Rio fantasy team possible

Kolohe Andino:


Julian Wilson:


Jeremy Flores:


Adrian Buchan:


Wiggoly Dantas:


Conner Coffin:


Alex Ribeiro:


Bino Lopes:


Worst Team Points: 169.8

The place you want to avoid, but this worst team of Rio would really rock in other events of the season. We were ok in past events and could avoid surfers from the worst team, however in Rio we got Adrian Buchan in our picks and Matt Wilkinson was really close to this team.

We hope to help you with a calculation analysis for the next events. Stay tuned and check our new feature of picks generator. We do our best to have everything settled up at least 48h before the event begins. Stay tuned to check the changes for Fiji.