Portugal Results

Portugal was a very difficult event for predictions with full of upsets going on, mostly against tier B and A surfers. The tier C got really low points and most got stuck in rounds 2 and 3. Even the best possible team got a low score compared to other events (just 649.91). No player got the best possible picks, the closest one was Bezzanator

Our human analysis got stuck with lots of bad choices and lost against our two best versions.

This time, our human analysis lost against the v1.7 and won against v1.5. The Human choices scored only 369.63 points. v1.5 got 478.01, very far from v1.7 that made 398.86. The computer won by far from the human analysis

Lets check the best and worst possible teams for Portugal.

Best Portugal fantasy team possible

John John Florence


Jordy Smith


Conner Coffin


Miguel Pupo


Sebastian Zietz


Adriano de Souza


Jeremy Flores


Frederico Morais


Best team points: 649.91

v1.5: had good results and got on 3.782º position on the event. It could only get three surfers on the best picks (John, Adriano and Kai) and no surfer on the worst team. That really helped the version to score average points.

v1.7: got one surfer on the worst team and it was a tier A surfer. That really took the version down. It also got only two surfers on the best possible team, very low result that puted the version on the 22kº position!

Worst Portugal fantasy team possible

Filipe Toledo


Matt Wilkinson


Kanoa Igarashi


Nat Young


Keanu Asing


Adrian Buchan


Alex Ribeiro


Adam Melling


Worst Team Points: 180.87

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Version 1.5 and 1.7 are mutable. They try to get best picks and minimize the error. They were already updated after Portugal, you can check the updates at the calculation page

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