Margaret River Results

Controversy over Fantasy Bot v1.3

We are analysing all versions of our program and for Rio we will still launch a new version, but we are only chosing the one that wins over all others. On Margaret River the Fantasy Bot v1.3 lost for few points against the human, but version 1.2 could have won as it was 41.38 points better. Version 1.3 made 444.65 points out of the 783.66 possible. We are working to post a comparison amongst the Fantasy Bot Versions before Rio, and maybe show all the teams the older versions would pick :). Those were the Fantasy Bot (444.65) and Human(471.23) picks

To start describing Margaret River results, lets check the best and worst team possibles.

Best Margaret River fantasy team possible

Italo Ferreira:


Kolohe Andino:


Julian Wilson:


Sebastian Zietz:


Joel Parkinson:


Nat Young:


Leonardo Fioravanti:


Adam Melling:


Best team points: 783.66

For Margaret River we got lots of average results and were only able to chose one surfer of the best choices. Joel Parkinson got chosed because of the overall sum of the points of hir rankings, he is a good choice over all rankings. In tier A we would have picked Italo Ferreira if we used version 1.2, version 1.3 always choses the best momentum surfer (Matt Wilkinson) The Tier C is the unpredictable place. It would be almost impossible with the data we have to predict Fioravanti's results. Adam Melling was almost in our choices, he would be the best 3rd pick. If you wanna share your thoughts with us and give us feedback tell us on twitter.

Worst Gold Coast fantasy team possible

Conner Coffin:


Stuart Kennedy:


Kanoa Igarashi:


Kelly Slater:


Davey Cathels:


Kai Otton:


Keanu Asing:


Alex Ribeiro:


Worst Team Points: 202.90

Here is the place you wanna avoid by the end of the event. We are proud that we haven't made any pick of the worst possible team. Here is a place we are working to avoid and is a litle more predictable than the best possible choices.

We hope to help you with a calculation analysis for the next seasons. Stay tuned and check our new feature of picks generator, it will be open for simulations on Bells Beach, be sure to check it. We do our best to have everything settled up at least 48h before the event begins. Stay tuned to check the changes.