Gold Coast Results

The born of Fantasy Bot v1.1

We are proud to see how far our Fantasy Bot went on the first event of the season. Our expectations were not high, because it was the first version of our computer program. On Gold Coast the Fantasy Bot lost for few points against the human. It also got average points, getting 458.96 out of the 784.27 possible. Those were the Fantasy Bot (458.96) and Human(472.62) picks

As we perceive a calculation to predict most of the best picks, we will always place our comparison on the best and worst fantasy picks of every event (always trying to have most of our picks on the best team and not choosing surfers that appear on the worst). To start describing Gold Coast results, lets check the best and worst team.

Best Gold Coast fantasy team possible

Filipe Toledo:


Adriano de Souza:


Matt Wilkinson:


Joel Parkinson:


John John Florence:


Adrian Buchan:


Kolohe Andino:


Stuart Kennedy:


Best team points: 784.27

Three of our surfers were on the best team and that made us really proud of our predictions: Adriano de Souza; Joel Parkinson; Kolohe Andino. Those were 3 amazing picks the Fantasy Bot made amongst the surfers on the best team. Some of the others would only be predicted by other analysis, and right couldn't calculate it. John John is in a great Momentum, he just won the Eddie Aikau event and Matt Wilkinson just won the Newcastle QS event. The Tier C is normally difficult to predict and with our calculation it would be impossible to foresee this result as we lack more accurate rookie data. We are very proud of those who got it right, if you wanna share your thoughts with us and give us feedback tell us on twitter.

Worst Gold Coast fantasy team possible

Ítalo Ferreira:


Julian Wilson:


Kelly Slater:


Jordy Smith:


Kai Otton:


Keanu Asing:


Miguel Pupo:


Adam Melling:


Worst Team Points: 199.76

Having a surfer on the worst team is always frustating. We passed ok on Tier A. However Kelly Slater and Miguel Pupo were amongst our picks. This prediction could be easy to make if we looked at previous appearance of Kelly on Gold Coast and saw that he was in a descendent pattern, scoring predictions will be one of our goals for next events. Taking Pupo out of the calculation would be difficult, he had a great performance in past Gold Coast and small sized waves events. The unique think not on his favour was the Momentum Rank. As we lack data from Rookies, one of the solutions would be to grade them QS qualifications in the Momentum Rank. Getting those small tunes could have made better picks, we will simulate the tunes and see what team it would choose.

We hope to help you with a calculation analysis for the next seasons. Stay tuned and check our new feature of picks generator, it will be open for simulations on Bells Beach, be sure to check it. We do our best to have everything settled up at least 48h before the event begins. Stay tuned to check the changes.