Gold Coast Human Picks

Ready for the game!!!

Tier A

The Tier A choices are easy to sustain. Adriano De Souza won last years world champion and for this reason mathematics will be on his favour, I will wait one event to see how relaxed he is. Mick Fanning has had a tough year last season, but he has the highest punctuation on almost all ranks, but I still want to wait one event to see how well he is doing. The forecast shows small conditions for Gold Coast. For those reasons my picks will be Medina and Toledo. Medina scores well in all ranks, is the first in Momentum Rank and third in Performance Rank. Toledo does not have mathematics on his favour, but there is a reason for that, he has just took one step further on his career last year, his overall numbers are still low. We all saw how well he surfs on small conditions last year.

Gabriel Medina

Filipe Toledo

Tier B

I will only take Wiggolly and Joel out of this tier B. Taj and Slater have the mathematics in their favour (Taj is ranked low because he didn't compete in the European events, lost positions and is in the bottom of the Momentum Rank). Wiggolly has only surfed once in this event and has done great, that is why he is so high ranked. I will change for John John and Jordy Smith. Both are top 10 surfers, Jordy is ranked low because of his last years momentum, but he has been in Round 5 several times in past Gold Coast events. John John is ranked low for having small appearance in Round 5 on past Gold Coast events (once in 2013), however, he punctuates well on Performance Rank (he is just missing a detail to do well).

Taj Burrow

Kelly Slater

Jordy Smith

John John Florence

Tier C

Miguel Pupo is the best Tier C choice and we have enough data to prove that. The other choice for calculation was not difficult, Kolohe Andino finished last year with some Momentum and plays not bad in Performance Rank compared to other Ticer C data. But for my other picks, choosing Pupo would put me in a friendly fire, and everyone wants to avoid that. If you decide to change one of them, Sebastian Zietz is the most conservative choice, he surfs well enough to be on Tier B. I will go for a very aggressive choice and avoid friendly fire choosing Davey Cathels.

Davey Cathels

Kolohe Andino