France Results

France marked another great event for predictions. Know the versions are not playing tight anymore as the v1.7 took the lead after the two last events.

This time, our human analysis lost against the v1.7 and won against v1.5. Our Human choices were able to score 584.98 points. v1.5 got 564.04, very far from v1.7 that made 630.75. V1.7 really took the lead. In the overall leaderboard only one player was able to pick the best team (see web's choices)

Lets check the best and worst possible teams for France.

Best France fantasy team possible

Gabriel Medina


John John Florence


Kolohe Andino


Filipe Toledo


Adriano de Souza


Julian Wilson


Keanu Asing


Kai Otton


Best team points: 722.33

v1.7: was able to choose 7 out of the 8 best picks. Making only one pick out of the best case scenarium and that was Jeremy Flores, who was the worst pick on the event. The picks were amazing as the algorithm stayed in 316º on the overall rank, impressive result!

v1.5: had impressive numbers as well, one pick change shifted the scenarium. The algorithm took 6 out of the 8 best possible picks and stayed at 5036º overall position. The point was that it picked Josh Kerr over Filipe Toledo and Josh appeared in the worst picks. Altough it got 6 of the best surfers it also picked 2 of the worst and that made the difference.

Worst France fantasy team possible

Joel Parkinson


Kelly Slater


Dusty Payne


Michel Bourez


Josh Kerr


Jadson Andre


Alex Ribeiro


Jeremy Flores


Worst Team Points: 141.1

v1.7: it is always appearing with one surfer on the worst picks

v1.5: had not chose one worst pick in the last 3 events, but know it picked 2 of the worst.

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