Fiji Pro Results

Major upsets in RD2

It was a very fun event full of upsets in the early rounds. The second day of competition striked most of the Fantasy teams with the elimination of Julian Wilson, Nat Young, Seabastian Zietz, Caio Ibelli and Jack Freestone. Surfers that were doing great this year and everyone expected them to also manufacture solid results at Fiji. Julian (runner up of 2015) and Nat (runner up of 2014) were the biggest upsets of the event

The Fantasy Bot is playing solid and we are able to keep the same results, we did not have major downgrades so far. But we are still not happy, because we wanna see some more improvement, you might see some huge updates for the calculations in the next event. We are working to launch the calculations as soon as the event ends. Keep in touch and help us grow, your opinion is very important

The Fantasy Bot scored 465.69 out of 765.99 possible points (three players chosed the best team, check the first player in global rank). The specialist mix's team was able to score a total of 561.39 points. Check out the Bot and Specialists teams.

Lets check the best and worst possible teams for Fiji Pro.

Best Fiji Pro fantasy team possible

Matt Wilkinson:


John John Florence:


Gabriel Medina:


Adrian Buchan:


Mick Fanning:


Wiggolly Dantas:


Kelly Slater:


Jadson Andre:


Best team points: 765.89

We were able to predict 3 out of the 8 best surfers and we got the Champion of Fiji Pro, same thing as Rio. The problems were the same as Rio, the other players of our Calculations scored really bad at Fiji (Nat, Julian, Italo). If you wanna share your thoughts with us and give us feedback tell us on twitter.

Worst Fiji fantasy team possible

Kolohe Andino:


Caio Ibelli:


Jack Freestone:


Stuart Kennedy:


Julian Wilson:


Davey Cathels:


Alex Ribeiro:


Tevita Gukilau:


Worst Team Points: 159.85

This place we always want to avoid, but we got the same problem as Rio here. We got only one surfer in the worst team (Julian Wilson), however Nat Young was amongst the worst tier B choices and made us lose several points. This was the first lost of Nat Young in Rd1 and first appearence in Rd2 this year, very unpredictable.

We hope to help you with a calculation analysis for the next events. Stay tuned and check our new feature of surfers profile. We do our best to have everything settled up before the event begins. Stay tuned to check the changes and picks for J-Bay.