Bells Beach Results

Fantasy Bot v1.2 won agains the human

It's great to see how our Fantasy Bot is getting better, we hope to make tunes and enhancements for every event of the season. What we expect is to get a better calculus on every event, taking in consideration all the events that have happened. On Bells Beach the bot won against the human scoring 507.81 out of 765.36 possible against the human (484.22 points). You can check both teams Fantasy Bot and Human. On this event we got almost 2.000 positions getting a better overall positions.

Our goal is always to get the better team possible. We will always focus our efforts to have the biggets amount of surfers in the best possible team and pick no surfer from the worst team. Let's check the best and worst teams:

Best Bells Beach fantasy team possible

Matt Wilkinson:


Caio Ibelli:


Mick Fanning:


Italo Ferreira:


Conner Coffin:


Michel Bourez:


Jordy Smith:


Davey Cathels:


Best team points: 765.36

Two of our surfers were in the best team possible. Last event we got 3 out of the 8, but on Bells Beach our overall performance was better, so we have improved on picking other great surfers. The two best we picked were Jordy Smith (best score on Fantasy) and Mick Fanning (third best score). Looking at the other picks, we have surfers that were very well ranked on Momentum in the best possible team, we hope to have this improvement to next events. Also looking at the scores, we could have picked Italo Ferreira if we have some calculations on statistical progression, we are also working on this formula. We are very proud of those who got next this score the best player on this event was "richard's picks" (got 5 surfers in the best possible team). If you wanna share your thoughts with us and give us feedback tell us on twitter.

Worst Gold Coast fantasy team possible

Stuart Kennedy:


Kolohe Andino:


Taj Burrow:


Jeremy Flores:


Jadson Andre:


Josh Kerr:


Timothy Bisso:


Alex Ribeiro:


Worst Team Points: 185.46

This event we got no surfer from the worst team possible, we believe that this improvement made our picks better (compared to Gold Coast). Even though two of the surfers on the worst possible team got a great calculation, Taj Burrow and Josh Kerr, we believe that those were the major upsets for the event. Kelly Slater also got a bad score and we could have foreseen it if we had improved our Momentum Rank. The lack of rookie data makes the calculations for these players very difficult. Caio Ibelli and Conner Coffin were in the best team (they were amazin at Momentum Rank), however Stuart Kennedy got a mediocre fantasy score, with better data we can make better projections about those cases.

We hope to help you with a calculation analysis for the next seasons. Stay tuned and check our new feature of Fantasy Simulator. We do our best to have everything settled up at least 48h before the event begins. Stay tuned to check the changes.