Super 8 versions Championship

Gold Coast Margaret River Bells Beach Rio Pro Fiji Pro J-Bay Tahiti Trestles France Portugal Total
v1.5.1 933 868 991 933 896 947 1089 971 843 891 9263
v1.7 880 827 1038 1038 723 894 869 1000 871 938 9078

Understand our calculation

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For fantasy surfer we are comparing values without the salary cap. We are still tunning the gears to find a great fit with the salary cap rule.


The version is based only in performance variables such as AHS on the year, venue and career. We take also in consideration the winning percentage and the average points a surfer does on fantasy games.


Is an overall calculation. The results of v1.7 are one of 3 variables used by this calculation. It uses performance variables together with momentum and past posisition.


Is an improvement we made on v1.5, at the begining it was only a test. It is the first version launched on 2017 and was not on our roadmap. However, the improvement it brought was so high we decided to launch it. We could have made this version the 1.5, but we decided to split them and keep track of how it evolves compared to other versions.

The version brings a more detailed analysis and weights for the momentum variables.