We are avid players of Fantasy Surfing games, as a way of getting better picks we decided to write a computer program to help us on the task.

It started to get serious as we saw how good the picks could be made based on surfers data. The goal right now is to build a calculation that plays average, without big oscillations.

Our model goes adjusting its weights based on competitions. So it will get better after every event, as it learns the data that matters the most

As it evolved we are now looking forward to get more surfer stats and cover other surfer events.

Can you beat it?

We are a player in the WSL Fantasy Platform. We run as FantasySurfingTips.com. You can play against us by entering the public group with the same name. Hour human plays in WSL with the name XF9. The human lost the battle on the first year of projections by few points.

You can also find us on the Fantasy Surfer from Surfer Magazine. Our public house there is FantasySurfingTips.com

Upsets are really difficult to predict, we are struggling to forecast some results. However, the predictions also have their limitation, and some events are really hard to predict.

We will post every result

Get on track to see if you improve your picks.

We post the calculations updates here. You can also check the Women's calculation updates. Right now we have the same model running on both competitions with a very normalized set of data.

Follow the website and our progress.